7-Day Customer Care – Gel Polish

We use premium Gel Polish products that give a long lasting result – sometimes up to 21 days depending on your nails and how well you care for them. We can’t control what happens to your nails once you leave the salon. If your nails chip, get scratched and peel off within 7 days, call us straight away and we will fix it for free, no-questions-asked.

We want to make sure you have the best possible treatment at Polished Beauty, which is why we have our 7-day Customer Care Plan on Gel Polish.

As a client of Polished Beauty you can expect a 7-day no-questions-asked fix up on any problems that may arise from your gel polish application.

Our goal is to ensure you have the best treatment possible and we would much rather you come back and have the problem fixed, than feel like you didn’t get the best service.

Important Terms & Conditions

You must return to the salon within 7 days of your appointment. The day of your appointment counts as your first day. So if your appointment is on Tuesday, so must return by close of business of the following Monday.

You must call us as soon as you find a problem, so we can allocate you a time to return. We can not guarantee we will be available if you return to the salon unannounced.


Nothing in our 7-Day Customer Care reduces or replaces any rights you already have under Australian Consumer Law. We just want to encourage you to contact us if there is a problem so we can fix it.

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