Hygienic, Professional & Qualified

We are not your regular suburban beauty salon. Polished Beauty is located on Greenhill Road, Hazelwood Park (between Burnside & Norwood) in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide. There are 3 key differences that separate ourselves from the rest – we are Hygienic, we are Professional and we are Qualified.

Hygienic, Professional & Qualified


We strive to set the standards that other salons look up to. Does your salon double-dip their wax sticks? Do they use corn blades for pedicures that can injure you or spread infections? Do you visit a nail salon that uses toxic and banned MMA-based nail products? Do they disinfect their tools or use disposable items to prevent contamination? Do they even use gloves when performing services?

We hear the horror stories about other salons. We hear them from our clients, from our staff who used to work there and we even see them first-hand when we visit other salons (we always need to make sure we are ahead of the curve). Nail infections resulting in amputation, the spreading of genital herpes through double-dipping and respiratory infections are some of the more serious consequences of choosing a salon that does not practice good hygiene.

Let me tell you some of the things that we do at Polished Beauty.

  • We never double-dip – the process of re-dipping the same end of a spatula back into the wax pot after it has been in contact with your skin (particularly for bikini waxing). Not to be confused with using the other clean end of the stick.
  • We use disposable wooden wax sticks – a lot of salons pressure their staff into re-using the same wax stick to save money
  • We use disposable files, buffers and tools and we disinfect the other tools with hospital grade disinfectant.
  • We use disposable foot files to remove callous and built-up dead skin cells on your feet. Corn blades are banned in SA and can only be used by a medical practitioner – these blades present a serious risk of passing infection from one client to another if not sterilised in an auto-clave. Not to mention the risk of causing a serious cut. Leave the use of these to the Podiatrist.
  • We provide disposable g-strings, hair nets, pedicure slippers, wet towels & more for your use in our salon.
  • We wear gloves. I don’t think I need to elaborate too much more on that one.
  • We clean our beauty beds, our rooms and our salon regularly.
  • We use safe nail products and never anything containing the illegal compound MMA.

I want you to think about your last visit to a beauty or nail salon. Did they do all this? And if they didn’t, you need to click on our contact page, find our phone number and book an appointment with us today!


Being professional to us means a lot of different things. It’s the manner in which our staff conduct their day to day duties. It’s how we treat our clients from the moment they first contact us and continues through to their after-service care. I’m sure you can tell from our website that we put the effort in to achieve a professional image. You will see this continually throughout your time as a Polished Beauty client.

  • We wear professional uniforms to identify us
  • We have a professional and useful website
  • We consult and talk with you. We find out what you want and advise you how you can achieve these results
  • We greet you when you come in and say good-bye when you leave
  • We follow our Occupational, Health & Safety Rules
  • We spend time, effort and money finding the right staff and put them through the correct training & testing
  • We buy from recognised salon suppliers and use national or international brands
  • We research new products/services thoroughly and visit beauty expos around Australia
  • We welcome feedback – positive or negative, and then use that to better our business and service to you
  • We strive for continuous improvement with our business
  • We are members of the Hair & Beauty Industry Association to keep us updated with what is going on in the industry


All of our staff have nationally recognised qualifications matched to the services they perform. The training doesn’t stop once they join our salon as we regularly conduct staff training sessions – in-house and through our suppliers. Did you know that if your therapist or nail professional is not qualified they are unlikely to be covered by insurance? You may not be able to recover any costs from injury or infection. Different countries also have different standards that don’t match Australian expectations.

  • Our staff have either Certificate III, IV or a Diploma in Beauty Therapy
  • We receive training directly by the supplier or company that makes the products – eg. we receive regular training from Ultraceuiticls
  • We regularly attend beauty expos around Australia to stay up-to-date
  • We subscribe to industry magazines and newsletters
  • We conduct regular staff meetings and in-house training sessions with our staff
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