In order to keep your nails in optimum condition and reduce lifting and damage you need to practice proper nail care at home. Fantastic nails are a result of a healthy partnership between the client and their nail professional.

Regular Care Prevents Problems

A regular service schedule is the key. This means refills every 2 – 3 weeks. Regular care is a matter of good grooming. A manicure every 2 months is essential – why have beautiful looking nails and tired looking hands? Manicures exfoliate the hands, hydrate the skin and tidy up the cuticles.

Oil Your Nails Daily

Cuticle is for your nails what a conditioner is for your hair. It helps keep the nail hydrated and prevents cracking and drying-out. It is very important to apply a small amount of Cuticle Oil to your nails on a regular basis.

The First 48

In the first 24 to 48 hours after the treatment, the acrylic is still curing. Even though your nails may feel strong, they need to be treated with care. By being careful you will increase the strength, flexibility and toughness of the nail. You can speed up this process by applying Cuticle Oil 2 to 3 times in the first 24 hours followed by once a day after that. This will plasticise the nails and keep them tough. Cuticle Oil lubricates the nails and acts as a shock absorber protecting them against breakage.

Keep Your Nails Coated

Coatings, from a thin base coat to full enhancements, help to seal in the valuable ingredients of daily conditioning and protect them from the rigors of every day wear and tear. With multiple hand washing throughout the day, oils and moisture are stripped away, leaving nails more vulnerable to cracking and breaking. Keeping nails coated will also help to prevent problems and keep nails healthy. It’s a myth that nails ‘need to breathe’, they need to be conditioned, cared for and protected.


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