7 Reasons Why You Should Be Exfoliating Your Body

Many of us remember to exfoliate our face but we should remember to treat our bodies with the same love and care.

  1. Removing dead skin cells improve skin texture and skin colour. The best way to maintain the look of the skin is to remove any build-up of old dry flaky skin.
  2. Blood circulation is a biggy – stimulating your blood flow and the motion of exfoliating helps move toxins around the body and flushes them out. This helps the appearance of cellulite and your all over glow.
  3. We use a coconut sugar in our Body Treatments which is a humectant, which helps skin to retain its moisture while leaving the skin soft, hydrated and soothed
  4. Acne below the neck line isn’t a big topic of discussion when you’re out for coffee but many men and women do suffer from it on all areas of the body. Exfoliating will help remove dead skin build up and flush out the blocked pores on our backs and chest – some even get it on their buttoms, so scrub away!
  5. Removing toxins and increasing blood flow also helps strengthen the skin tissue, helping with skin tone and the health of the living tissue
  6. Removing the dead old layers of the skin, allows the body to more easily absorb the products you apply after like body moisturiser and oils.
  7. Ingrown hair! They are painful and ugly and removing dead skin helps the growth of the hair to reach the surface and not grow back into the skin causing painful and ugly red sores which can scar and leave a brown or darker looking spot.


Book in for our new Sugar Glow treatment where you will enjoy a body exfoliation and a brisk but relaxing body massage to help hydrate your skin.

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