How many times have you heard about micro facials? A lot I bet, but what is stopping you from trying them and booking an ‘every month’ treatment into your schedule? I am hoping to peel back the curtain today to show you what it is all about so you know what to expect when you go in for your first of many treatments.

The benefits of microdermabrasion can be seen straight away after your first treatment. You will feel smoother and you will appear refreshed as soon as you get out of bed.   And all easily done in a 45 minute appointment without resorting to more time-intensive and invasive treatments.

Our Microdermabrasion machine at Polished Beauty uses the “Crystal free” Diamond head to help slough off dead skin cells laying on the top layer of your skin and at the same time vacuuming them off your skin to leave a smooth and fresh surface for your high quality products to penetrate better. Win win!

Now I hear you ask ‘what is it exactly and why do I need it?’. I’m glad you asked!

Micro treatments help to speed up the removal of dead, dry and aged skin cells which settle on the surface of our skin. (We all have them.) As we age our bodies start to slow down the regeneration process which slows the new fresh plump skin cells moving up to the surface. This allows the old dead skin cells to lay around longer and settle in the fine lines and wrinkles, giving us dull and dry looking skin and also stopping the active ingredients in your facial products doing their best work on the deeper layers of your skin.  

Exfoliation (which is the removal of dead skin cell)  becomes more essential in our skin care routine as we age. When you understand the average rate of skin cell turnover, you will know how often you need to exfoliate. The older you are, the more you often you need to remove the dead skin cells and allow the new fresh ones to the surface to do their best and shine. Perfect to start in your 20’s but by 30 to 50 you want to make sure you are doing something to help the body regenerate.

What are the Average rates of Skin Cell Turnover?
  • Babies, 14 days
  • Teenagers, 21-28 days
  • The Twenties, 24-30 days
  • The Thirties, 28-35 days
  • The Forties, 30- 42 days
  • The Fifties and beyond, 45-84 days

Think of your skin as a windshield on your car – as you drive it around town everyday it starts to get dirty, dead bugs are starting to hit it and dirt is building up. You can see a film of dirt all over it and you start having trouble seeing through it.

You decided to give it a good clean with soap and water but you notice it’s just moving it around not actually removing it. You need to get out the squeegy to actually lift off and remove all the dirt and grime leaving you with a beautiful clean window to see clearly again.

This is what the Micro Tip does – your therapist will wash and exfoliate your skin with our award winning cosmeceutical product before starting the procedure.  

The diamond tip which also has a slight vacuum effect will be gentle glided over your skin section by section removing dry and built up skin cells, each section will be run over a few times making sure to be gentle and no area is missed. This normally takes between 15 to 25 minutes. After the therapist is finished, she will apply a serum that is suited to you skin and she will infuse it into your skin with our “Sono” Machine which will help open up the channels for the product to penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin.

Non invasive, painless, quick,and perfect for all skin types. And to tell you the truth sooo relaxing you may just fall asleep!

Microdermabrasion is great for cosmetic problems associated with ageing skin, such as sun damage, age spots and other types of discoloration and fine lines that occur early in the ageing process. A single treatment is fine if you have a special occasion coming up and you want your skin to look healthy and refreshed, but to maintain and ensure fantastic results every 4 to 6 weeks is essential plus adding in a LED treatment will really boost your results for the long term.  

Now you understand the basics behind it and you are excited to try one for yourself book in on our website for your own relaxing and skin changing treatment. If you are not a member of our salon email list sign up here and you will receive $50 voucher of your first facial treatment!

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