Long LashesEyelashes & Eyebrows

Everyone is talking lashes and brows this Spring. Perfectly shaped beautiful eyebrows are easily achievable with an Eyebrow Shape & Tint. If your worried about your eyebrow colour,  your brow can be tinted with a simple Eyebrow Tint at the same time as your Eyebrow Shape.

Nothing draws more attention to your eyes like lushes long eyelashes. Applied strand-by-strand, eyelash extensions are actually a quick and easy beauty treatment that will have you looking & feeling fab for up to 6 weeks. As with the eyebrows, your eyelashes can be tinted or even permed to open up the eye and lift the lashes.

Read more over on our Eye Treatment page.


Pedi’s are hot, hot, hot this Spring! Your toes have been dying to get out of your shoes and into the glorious spring sun. When they do, they are going to need a beautiful colour nail polish or gel polish to make all the other toes out their jealous. Don’t forget that Gel Polish lasts up to 21 days and is available in a huge range of colours.

Check out our Mani & Pedi and Gel Polish pages for more info

Spray Tanning

I don’t know about you, but my skin could use that sun-kissed look as it starts to get warmer and the sun appears from behind those grey clouds. A quick Spray Tan using the best products in the business will have your friends thinking you holidayed in sunny Spain over the winter. We also have a large range of after-care products to easily maintain your tan at home and make it last even longer.


Dry skin over winter is very common because of the low-humidity and our frequent use of heaters. Fine lines become more visible and our skin can feel rough, dry and become flaky. The solution: the dry skin needs to be removed with a Microdermabrasion treatment and re-hydrated using Sonophoresis. Check out our Super C Skin Blast or the Ultimate Microplus+ Treatment facials to help restore the life back into your skin.

Leg WaxLeg Waxing

Ladies (& guys too), your legs have been missing the sun. They’ve been hidden for months……waiting for Spring to appear. They miss the skirts, the dresses (& the shorts) and there’s only one thing they need before they hit the town….a quick leg wax. Book yourself into Polished (you can book right now 24/7 online too) and tidy them up for the glorious Spring sun!

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