September is full of new life, Father’s day,  the Royal Show and  MY birthday. I love birthdays and  have been planning a big birthday deal for the month of September for you to help celebrate with me. Who doesn’t love getting presents right?!

With every 2 ultra products purchased you will receive your choice of one

Ultra Mask or Ultra moisturising Eye Cream

FREE  As our gift to you for being fabulous.

Offer ends September 30th 

birthdayWe have also introduced our Facial Stand. This is where you can feel the products and have a FREE 15 min consult with one of our trained therapists to chat about any skin concerns you have and how to manage them.  This is a great opportunity to get to know our wonderful staff and to ask those questions you have wanted to know the answers to.

If you do want a more private and relaxing time, you can choose to  have a full skin consultation (you even get a bit of a facial massage)  where the staff will take the time to fully cleanse your skin and asses it under a woods lamp (which is a funny word for a light we use to look deeper into the layers of your skin).  You can book in for a full consultation for $49, which is fully redeemable on any of our Ultra products.

As you know, we also have teamed up with a professional injection company to offer fillers and anti wrinkle injections. We have been blown away with the interested in this service.  I’m so excited to bring something into Polished Beauty which our customers have loved!  The next appointments available are now 23rd September, with half of them booked already so if you do want to chat to Brittney make sure you reserve your spot today on 8332 1521.

Here is a blog we have on 5 Benefits of anti wrinkle injections

I hope you have a great week and I’ll speak to you next time.

Yours Jessica

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