Skin Care Stickers

A simple and easy way to follow your skin prescription

In 2014 we developed a simple solution to help our clients follow their skin care prescription. With several products to apply in a specific order each morning or evening, you might find yourself asking which one is next? Do I use that in the morning or night? Our Skin Care Stickers help you keep track of which product is next which makes your skin care routine easier and more enjoyable to follow each day.

Some skin care products that are introduced to you for the first time require application every second day until your skin gets used to it. Our Skin Care Stickers help you remember which day to apply the product during the first month.

We give you the Skin Care Stickers when you purchase your Ultraceuticals Skin Care Products from us and after a skin consultation has been performed by our qualified beauty therapists.

How the Skin Care Stickers work

Your Skin Care Sticker pack consists of AM stickers for the morning and PM stickers for the evening. You will also receive a small card with a step-by-step guide to using the stickers. Either your therapist will place the stickers on the products in the salon or you may choose to do it at home.

Skin Care Sticker Pack


  1. Consult your skin prescription to find out which products you need to use in the AM and which ones you need in the PM. Sometimes you will use the same product at both times.
  2. Place AM1 on the first product you will use in the morning, followed by AM2 on the second product etc…
  3. Repeat with your PM products
  4. Place an ‘Every 2nd Day’ sticker on any product you are starting out with and need to use on alternative days.
  5. If you are starting on an ‘Odd’ day of the month, cross out ‘Even’ on the sticker. Or if your starting on an ‘Even’ day, cross out ‘Odd’. This will help you remember which day you need to use the product. (eg. if your first application of that product is on the 15th, you will cross out ‘Even’. Then each day if you can’t remember if you need to use that product, check the sticker and the date. If it’s an odd day (say the 27th), you know you need to use it.)
  6. Follow your prescription every day and keep on eye on any products your are running out of.
  7. If you need more stickers, just let us know.

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Polished Beauty uses only the highest quality products from Ultraceuticals Skin Care. The Ultraceuticals range is made in Australia and uses high quality active ingredients to create simple skin care that has fast-acting and visible results. We offer a simple but effective range of facials and skin peels that achieve real results. All our facials involve a skin consultation and skin prescription.

Microdermabrasion Machine

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Microdermabrasion is a non-surgical, safe and gentle procedure that deeply exfoliates and polishes the skin to stimulate new cell growth. It instantly achieves smooth, exfoliated skin while being pain-free. You will suffer no down-time after your treatment – perfect for the busy woman.

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