Are looking for that perfect paint to complete your outfit or do just want to look polished all the time?  Our professional manicure will have you looking perfect all year round. We offer a number of different manicure and pedicure options depending on what you are after and the amount of time you have a to spend with us. You will also have the fun job of looking through our huge range of gel and normal polish colours to pick the perfect one just for you.

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The perfect pick me up to have you feeling and looking good for weeks. With your choice of polish type and colour.

Basic Manicure (Shape, cuticle care and polish)

Our therapists will perfectly shape your nails to suit your style, followed by a push back and tidy up of your cuticles to ensure you get the longest wear from your new polish. Then a professional polish of your choice (we have over 100 colours to choose from). Choosing one of our Gel Polish range means you are guaranteed high shine and fully dried nails as soon as you step out the door ready to conquer the world. We even back up our work with a 7 day Polished guarantee!

Deluxe Manicure

Our Deluxe Manicure involves a professional shaping of your nails, push back of the cuticle and a tidy up of any loose hang nails. If you’re having gel polish (high shine, dries instantly and lasts longer) we’ll apply it now from our collection of over 100 colours. We follow this up with an exfoliation of your hands to bring some life back into them. Finally, a deep moisturising massage will have your mind cleared of any troubles and you might find yourself falling asleep as we massage your hands, arms and elbows (trust me it’s divine). If you’ve chosen normal polish, it will be applied after all this goodness along with a small amount of sunscreen for the back of your hands to prevent sun damage. Plus you get to take home your own file and buffer with all of our nail services.

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A pedicure is a beauty treatment for your feet and toenails. We have a custom built pedicure lounge for you to relax on. We do not use the dangerous whirlpool spas that harbour bacteria. The key to the perfect pedi is making sure the nails are cut short and filed straight across, together with a gorgeous lick of colour and finally a beautiful foot massage.

Basic Pedicure (Clip, Shape and Polish)

Enjoy a traditional pedicure whilst sitting on our custom made pedicure lounge. You can enjoy some quiet time or do some work with our FREE wifi access. We will look after your toes with a clip and shape of your toenails and gently push back and tidy the cuticle. We then apply either a gel golish using a LED light to set each layer or a traditional non-gel nail polish. We recommend you bring thongs to wear out the salon if using normal polish, but if you forget there is no need to worry as we have disposables FREE for you to use.

Deluxe Pedicure (the full experience)

Our trademark Pedicure begins with a foot soak in our custom build pedicure lounge. We then commence shaping your toenails with a new disposable file (NEVER EVER used on someone else).  We buff the toenail, push back and remove the excess dead cuticle (never cut the living tissue).

We will examine your foot and remove any dry skin with a disposable foot file (NEVER EVER used on someone else & will never use the illegal/dangerous blades that only a podiatrist is trained to use).

The foot & leg is then exfoliated with a scented salt or sugar scrub which removes dead skin and leaves the skin soft and supple.

Finally, we massage your foot and leg with a hydrating moisturiser leaving you relaxed, refreshed and hydrated ready for whatever the day holds. Finish off with our gorgeous range of polishes from our huge collection (please note if having gel polish this will be applied before any water treatment).

We recommend you bring thongs to wear out the salon if using normal polish, but if you forget don’t worry we have disposables FREE for you to use. 

If you’re having gel polish there is no need to worry as you will be dry and ready to put your toes right back into your shoes.

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