Understanding and Fixing Facial Redness

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Facial Redness is a very common type of skin concern we see amongst our clients. It is however quite often not raised a major skin concern by clients because it can easily be hidden by make-up. Ultraceuticals have just launched a new product called Ultra Red-Action Complex that has been developed to visibly reduce redness caused by photodamage (excessive exposure to sunlight).

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Ultraceuticals are so confident about their new product, they are offering a money back guarantee if you don’t see visible results in 90 days! (Limited Time Only – You must purchase the product between 1/9/14 and 30/11/14)

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 What causes Facial Redness?

Facial Redness can be a visible sign of skin ageing caused by Photoageing – excessive exposure to UV rays – which as you can imagine is quite common in Australia. It most commonly occurs in two ways:

  • The skin’s dermal matrix is broken down by damage from UV rays and becomes thinner which causes the blood vessels below to become more visible.
  • As a result of photodamage, the skin’s natural healing stimulates the production of new blood vessels. These new and existing blood vessels become crowded and enlarged which increases facial redness.
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How to treat Facial Redness?

The Ultra Red-Action Complex is a ground-breaking serum that contains Ultra’s Anti-RED Complex. It’s key ingredient is Kinetin which is found naturally in plants and has been clinically tested to reduce the appearance of surface capillaries and improve the visible symptoms of milt to advanced facial redness and rosacea.

It is used once a day on alternate days for the first month until you build up a tolerance to it and then it can be used daily.


The results below speak for themselves and were achieved after only 4 weeks of treatment. You can really see the difference in redness in the ‘Red View’ photos.

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What is the Money Back Guarantee?

Ultraceuticals are offering a money back guarantee on the Ultra Red-Action Complex ($95) if you don’t see visible results within 90 days. You must purchase the product between 1/9/14 and 30/11/14.


How can I find out more information?

In conjunction with this money back guarantee from Ultraceuticals we are offering a complimentary skin consultation (normally $49). Our therapists will examine your skin and create a treatment plan to address your concerns. If you suffer from Skin Redness and what to take action to reduce it, give us a call on 8332 1521 and book in for a skin consultation.



Source & Photos: Ultraceuticals Red-Action Complex

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